Liam Annesley arrived in Byron Bay at 5 when his parents opened the first alternative medicine practice in Byron Bay. Growing up in Byron was a kids wonderland; the town was still full of houses rather than shops; you could still see a farmer ride his horse down Bangalow Road and back to the old Norco Building. Hippies and Sunyassin’s had taken over the Byronian as they relaxed in the park where the Byron twilight market is held. Still, it was more like a car boot sale where you could find handmade pottery, local produce and everything second hand.

Liam spent many years abroad living in Asia in his late teens and learned how to prepare traditional Asian dishes. Here he acquired a taste for spicy foods then learned how to prepare traditional Asian dishes. As a result, Liam swaps the tomato sauce out of sriracha. After travelling, the legend is he knocked on every Real Estate Office door until someone hired him; Tony Farrell and Glen Irwin decided to take a chance.

To this day, they have been inseparable, forming a 23-year partnership. With the invention of digital technology and an app for everything, the internet has become the primary tool for Sales Agents. I asked Liam what he likes about his role as a Sales Agent and the secret of his success, he said, ‘I love meeting so many different personalities – there’s never a dull moment.’ But, of course, there’s always a story behind a sale or purchase’. Liam’s best achievements are born from his relationships with clients, vendors, suppliers, and local agents. In addition, he is known throughout the area for having loads of integrity and Irish nous. Statistics affirm this theory – Liam holds the highest’ median sold price’ for property in Byron Bay and has won many awards and accolades during his career.

Liam’s driving force is to help others, and building relationships with his clients is in his DNA, and he has the natural knack of making you feel like you are the only person in the room. So don’t be surprised if you still see his door knocking.

Liam Annesley-Sales Agent Extraordinaire

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